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Kyosho ZX6 Build

Written by Tony. Posted in My news

Hi yah all

I have been privileged to have a few meetings with Elliott Boots prototype ZX6 recently and was with a view in establishing some base set ups for the production car on our high grip UK tracks.
What I didn’t expect is to find the new ZX6 production car to have so many differences and improvements not only to the older ZX5 but to the production car.

This is what I discovered when I built my new Kyosho 4wd ZX6 launched to the UK shops on the  7th of July 2014

Firstly the box and what’s inside (don’t laugh)
The box just makes a statement of intent.  A statement that inside you are going to have something real nice and competitive.  A better description of the box would probably be the word, classy!
The usual instructions and what’s what and tools needed and so on.  No differences here.
I then spotted the body and my mind instantly said to me that they thought about this car.
We have all been running a forward cab body on the ZX5 for some time and yes you guessed it, a beautifull forward cab body is in the box with some slick lines.
Right at the bottom of the box, there it was, a lovely narrow alloy chassis, just waiting for me (LOL)

I will not bore you to death with all the stage by stage build stuff but just point out some of the advantages of the new car as well as some of the improvement.

The shocks.
Everyone world wide knows the Kyosho shocks are probably the smoothest on the racing scene.
I noticed new upper support cups for the metal big bore cups.  Defo an improvement.
I also noticed medium shock bottoms included in the kit.  (they had to be bought separate before)
Couple of spare nuts and spare lower inserts part in the kit too.
2 hole pistons just like I have been running for a while so that’s sweet too.
Probably a little soft front spring for UK tracks but spot on Gold rears.

The diffs/Drive train
I heard many people saying they were disappointed with the kit coming with ball diffs instead of gear diffs.
Let me tell you that there are many scenarios where gears diffs are not as good as ball diffs and of course visa versa.
Gears diffs are on their way as you may already know so no dramas.  We need both.
I noticed small positive changes here too!
The diff hasn’t changed as such so anyone with a FS2 diff, this will carry over.
Good quality diff balls and a bulletproof thrust races make sure these are sweet from word go!
Same goes for the casings upper and lower apart from the front is the same as the rear lower casing..
The bevel gears have been improved with a new material.  Not sure why actually as I never had any troubles with the old ones but Kyosho developments always move forward!
The shaft that carries the bevel gear has changed to a stronger material.  For people that didn’t maintain their cars at the highest level, the shaft used to wear after a while and consequently the movement can cause a gear malfunction.
The drive cup to the propshaft has also changed to now a metal one instead of the old one that was plastic.
I love the new double Grub screw that holds this on with 2 flat sides to the shaft.  Great idea and safe as!  Another improvement.
The propshaft is a thinner dog bone type and also has a new foam pad in the cup to stop any chattering.  More improvements!!
The slipper pads have now been changed to 2 white pads……I have been running these like this for some 2 years…..not that they listened to me specifically but again Kyosho taking note of every little detail and  implementing it in their kits.

The Chassis and New Motor Mount
The alloy chassis is new to Kyosho on their 4wd car.
Its a lot thinner than the prototype car hence loosing a load of weight.
I have noticed other manufacturers cutting out there chassis ans so on trying to loose weight but no need here.
The chassis comes with side guards like most cars do these days and these fit just perfect.
The chassis has various holes for the different permutations that the car can be run in.
Saddles, Shorty with front motor or Shorty with rear motor.
This can be achieved with the new motor mount with a trick side loading idea.
Again a massive improvement from before.
Everything is in the kit to run any permutation you desire.  There are no additions needed.
For a matter of interest, my car in shorty rear motor configuration all uo is 1645g.  That’s only 57g over the BRCA legal limit (1588g)
Spot on!  We can now put weight (if needed) where we want to.

The wishbones, hinge pins and shock towers.
Here you will find that Kyosho have gone for a stable car rather than a car that is difficult to drive.
Straight rear wishbones on the rear giving the car more stability rather than the lean into the corner and pivot scenario.  Of course if you wish to have that its a simple fit the gull wing wishbones on and away you go!
Everything front and rear has alloy hangers as standard.  No need again to buy anything.
Can’t speak for other manufacturers but the ZX6 has adjustable front toe angle.  A very nice touch that I look forward in experimenting with in the future.
The shock towers again are an improvement with specifically the front one having rear fitted shocks.  This I am sure is to eliminate breakages of the front tower at lower levels of racing.
I must admit I had plenty of tumbles and never really suffered with this breaking but some have! Again an improvement.
The rear tower has also been moved slightly forward and this allows front and rear adjustments of the inner ball stud positions and heights without the removal of the shock towers.  I must admit this was a pet hate of mine in the past but thanks to Kyosho its all in the past.

All new steering on the car including new knuckle arms.  The steering is just so much better and I have been fortunate to already tried this on the prototype car.
Looking forward in running the production one now.

Body and wing
I love the new body as previously mentioned so no more said there.  Just looks superb on the car and fits like a glove!
And you get 2 wings in the kit too!

Only one thing I don’t like.
There is no rear post for a pin to support the body on.
A clever idea for a support so the body doesn’t drop down lower than it should but I have never been a lover of velcro so I just mounted a body post.  No drama but there wasn’t the option.  Bad Kyosho!! – LOL

I have been racing for over 30 years and its impossible to know how many cars I have built over the years.
Being old school there are many things that I look for.
Tolerances, quality of parts, chances to older model, drive train and the list goes on.  The ZX6 production car has not disappointed me.
I have been driving the FS for over 5 years now and seen many changes over that period as the car gets improved.
No one speak of all the good things that kits come with.  Like the quality bearings or the quality diff balls and all the other little things that normally other cars need to perform to a high standard over a period of time.  Kyosho have always put the good stuff in the kits and some will argue the price is slightly higher but don’t forget its all included.
Everything that may of been suspect on the older versions have been addressed and so many more positives and alternatives added in too.
Nothing needs to be bought.  If you’re good enough I am confident this car can and probably will win many events in the forthcoming future.
Thanks Kyosho, I’m happy 🙂



Different Avenues – Inside Line Racing

Written by Tony. Posted in My news

As everyone knows I have supported Inside Line Racing for some years and of course they have supported me.

Unfortunately from Tuesday 8th of April ’14 we have gone our own ways.
RudeBits manufactures many unique products and has done so for years but with venturing in the retail side of certain RC products, Kev Lee feels its a conflict of interests.
It is uncertain as yet if Kev Lee will remain a RudeBits supported driver.

While I am personally saddened by all of this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kev and Ana ever so much for their support over the years.
I wish them the very best for the future.

Neo April 2014

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports, Race Reports

This is my first time at the Neo race and I am certainly looking forward to the experience. Turned up on the Thursday for registration. Already so may drivers here and it didn’t matter which I turned, there was some sort of champion there. Past and present UK champions, past and present European and past and present and world champions. The talent here could be argued is more than an actual world championship. I was beginning to get the idea why everyone wants to compete at this event. Phil from Neo Buggy must be well proud of the organisation and the prestige this event now has.

The track
neopractice2 You see the pictures on the net and you hear that its good. You see the videos and the top drivers in the world sort of make it look easy but let me tell you the track has a wow factor to it.  The DXR guys have done an amazing job.  It just looks great!

Practice 1
I am in heat 2 so the track is raw to say the least. I went out jumped a few of the jumps and was faced with probably the biggest jump in my 30 plus years of racing. I opened up the throttle and wow, does it feel great.  My car felt as if it was in the air for a life time. Now I know there is another attraction to driving at Neo. More soon…..time to change my clutch!! Mayfield looking hot in first practice.  Half way through 2 so back soon neoround1practice3

Practice 2
Well I had a bit of bad luck.  I adjusted my end points on my transmitter and unfortunately didn’t think of flex.  Consequently my throttle linkage gave up.  A little bit of a school boy error but this 1/8th stuff is all new to me. Lee Martin showed us how smooth driving is very fast.  Some of the Europeans were very fast too.

Practice 3 Well I decided to make some adjustments similar to my 1/10th car and that was a good choice.  My car felt even more solid but with added traction and steering.  I was going round OK till it stopped (LOL).  I had a burst fuel pipe so the re-build has begun!! The last round saw all the fast guys really show why they are so good. Every manufacturer had their drivers perform so tomorrows qualifying is going to be tight to say the least Early night I feel but not before a good curry (says David Burton) 🙂

Round 1
I am in a low heat and had a fairly clean run.
I did a lot of work over night and my car is loads better after some loving 🙂

The quick guys make it look so easy
This is the top heat which is the very fast guys.
Impressive runs from Ryan, Darren and others…
Faster single lap to the defending champion Jared Tebo
round11Round 2
Well I had a run to forget.  I started the 2nd qualifier with my quickest lap of the meeting thus far.  Followed it up with another quick lap.  The car felt spot on.  Caught traffic real early so wanted to make sure I got through safe rather than making an error.  Came over the big jump (I am calling it the mamma jump) and came up a little short trying to land the down ramp. Opps!! I then couldn’t get up the jump and lost a bundle of time.  It all went wrong from there.  I learned that as much as you can love a jump like mamma, you can also hate it too……lol
Just waiting for the quick boys to take the stage.
Boy oh boy are these guys quick.  6 sec slitting the top 9 in the top heat with Savoya coming up on top from Tebo and Martin…..very close racing indeed and certainly a spectacle of pure talent as the best in the world go at it……just getting ready for round 3 so catch up soon 🙂

Ryan Maifield’s new Associated prototype

Race Control looks more like NASA

Round 3
I will not make many comments about my run apart from racing in a low heat has its disadvantages. End off!!
The top heat again was a tight affair with the Kyosho boys of Tebo and Boots driving together round the track and not hurting each other.  The Associated boys didn’t have a good qualifier with a flame out and I think a breakage.  Mugen factory driver Lee Martin (Brit 🙂 may I add) had a masterclass of a drive to go top of  round 3 qualification.  Fastest single lap goes to Elliott Boots this time round. Here is the round 3 top heat results.


End of day one 
Its the French driver, Reno Savoya that tops the list from our own Brit Lee Martin.  Defending Jared Tebo from the States is now sitting in 3rd.
Top of the qualification after the first day

Catch up tomorrow all.
Time for a bit of Lamb 🙂

Good morning
A cold start to the day and early too.
Greetings from our smiling host and organiser Phil

Round 4
I have already been out and set my best time of the weekend and that was with a silly error too.  The track is a little raw this morning as its been watered and rolled.  We have just completed round 4 and the results are here from the top heat

Ernest Woods having a hair do!!!

Race Control
Suzanne runs a tight ship in race control even if the smiles are BBKs  Rob Nelson.  Great job, thank you.

Last round – 5
The boys have been telling me another clean run and I can get the car into a high enough final for the next day……LOL

Well I did OK but had a last lap disaster and managed a 40 plus sec lap… the lap of the Gods now.
The top boys heat is going to be interesting as there are about 4 that can actually TQ the meeting.  Here are the top 2 heats

Well the feast of finals started on the Sunday and go through to Sunday.  All leading up to the climax of the main event and the very best in the world going at it for this prestigious win. WOW, what a great final….this is the result

For anyone that hasn’t experienced this event, its a must.  For me it was great even if i am an electric man at heart.  The DXR guys  designed an amazing track that could be raced on at all levels.  Even mine LOL

Lee Martin
Lee had a great event with a TQ in one of the rounds too

Neil Cragg
Neil was very unfortunate not to make the main event but drove awesome as usual

Taro Cradock
Taro is getting better and better and with the backing of probably the best Kyosho mechanic he has a great chance in become a very fast driver

MP9 chassis engraved by Kyosho Champions
These guys engraved my chassis and now its going in a frame.  Thanks guys….
finalandothers20finalandothers13 finalandothers14 finalandothers15 finalandothers16 finalandothers17 finalandothers18

Maritime Wars 2wd 15.02.14

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports, Race Reports

The weather this year is terrible. Some drivers have had to cancel as their houses are flooded and many couldn’t make the horrid journey because of the weather conditions. i wish them all the best. This hasn’t stopped 140 drivers attending and its a full meeting for 2 wheel drive! Our drive down was OK but instead of an hour and a quarter it was more closer to three hours maritime20142wdround11 So we have arrived at the 2014 Off Road Wars World Cup, at the fabulous Maritime Raceway in Chatham Kent. The Maritime Raceway committee have again layed out a demanding track.  Well it’s actually an easy track but demanding if you want to go fast – I like it 🙂 maritime20142wdround12 Practice was good for me after figuring out the layout so now looking forward to the racing on an FTD basis. The racing can be viewed live by the way at: Round 1 Round one was a scrappy affair for many.  Many drivers trying to scrub tyres in and not finding the ultimate grip on the slippery stuff. Jorn Neumann is the defending champion and traveled the journey from Germany for the event like he does every year.  He also had his small problems in round 1 but still managed to get his car 3rd overall.  Ellis Stafford was the main man in round one posting one of only 2 19 lap runs.  I am sure that will change by the end of the day. I was holding my own as they say till disaster struck me (LOL) and 2 errors dropped me from potentially 5/6th to 20th.  More to come though so now refreshing oils for round 2.

Round 2 was a fast and furious affair and it was a shame that I again made a couple of errors.  Currently sitting 17th but still feel i have a lot more to offer.  Ellis Stafford remains on top after 2 rounds with Kevin Brunsden 2nd.  Jorn made a better run to sit in 4th.  Remember this is FTD and at anytime someone can put a run in and break into the top ten.

maritime20142wdround21maritime20142wdround13Round 3 has been concluded and I added more steering to my car which really didn’t help matters – Although I went 2 secs quicker the car was difficult to drive.  Jorn moved to the top and Ellis 2nd with Kevin still 3rd – Looking forward to the last run and hopefully we can improve 🙂

maritime20142wdround31The final qualifier was a real fast and furious affair for everyone.  There were some that chose to throw their car at the track and hope for the best and some of us (LOL) chose to try and be accurate and error free!!!
Ellis managed to TQ ahead of Jorn but realistically it could of also been Richard Lowe.  Many quick drivers at the sharp end with us lesser mortals trying our hardest to get in the main A final.
Steve Brown BQed with missing the A final by the smallest margin.
I improved to 14th and again my one error cost me maybe one of the last spots in the main A.  i wonder how many people can actually say that though!!


Your A finalist here

Main A Final leg 1 results


End of Season Championships ….. F2 – Juniors – Vets

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The Venue - TORCH Club
torcheos1Based in Hampshire, near Southampton a bunch of racers have transformed the Titchfield Off Road Racing Club into one of the best tracks in the country.  Hard effort, great ideas and a determination to succeed has earned the TORCH club a chance to be one the the elite clubs to hold a National event.  Well deserved too!  The track has multiple features that the members often move around and manipulate to always give a great test of any level driver. Recently the club had great comments from multiple British and European Champion Lee Martin, after he had some track time testing here.
This weekend they are hosting the National End of Season F2s, Juniors and Vets British Championships where the old meet the new if you like to battle for their status.
A manicured track presented beautifully so let the battle begin
Practice was a smooth affair with many showing speed.  Dave Belsten mate be laugh with a flat out attitude everywhere, look fast too!

Steve Brown looked smooth with his new Kyosho DB2 as did Chris Lake with his Schumacher.  As many already know Steve Brown and myself are running the new Kyosho RudeBits DB2 today and my car felt vry nice too.  It is only practice though

Round 1
torcheos_round15 torcheos_round16 torcheos_round17 torcheos_round18An interesting first round.  First up were the Vets and i was done just fine till a grub screw came out my drive shaft outdrive.  i blame the mechanic and i will leave that just there (me! – LOL)

The results for the Under 13s and the U16s as well as the F2s are here for everyone to see.  Some quick youngsters coming through 🙂

Round 2
torcheos_round21 torcheos_round22 torcheos_round23 torcheos_round24So round 2 has come round and to say the least I have to gather my stuff together and make sure I get a run in.  Well I had to start from the back of the grid and work my way through the field.  Managed to do that without incident till Alex Springer the TM2 manager had a senior moment and wasn’t sure which way to let me through.  A horrible last lap but still managed to TQ the round but disappointing it wasn’t dead clean.  You can see all the other results from the juniors.  Steve Brown TQed the F2s round 2 with a very impressive run from the ever charging Ed Kerry.  All hotting up nicely including the sunshine.
Round 3
torcheos_round31 torcheos_round32 torcheos_round33 torcheos_round34Results up and Steve Brown with his new Kyosho RudeBits DB2 has TQed the meeting with a run to go.  More soon
Round 4
Qualifying is over – I am pleased to say that the RudeBits DB2 Kyosho car (only 2 here) have both TQed their respective class.  Roll on the finals!torcheos_round41 torcheos_round42 torcheos_round43 torcheos_round44 torcheos_round45
The finals have come round and I am real pleased to say that I won the first leg.  The car just feels easy to drive and I had no need to push on.  The F2 final was a great race between Steve Brown, Ed Kerry and Dave Belsten.  Steve just kept it on its wheels and took the first leg.  Ed came in 2nd.  Nothing decided yet as the round 2 of the finals have started.  I have just come back from the 2nd leg of the Vets and I can confirm I have won the meeting in my class.  Thank you to all my sponsors and to all the Team around me that we all constantly help each other.  The 2nd leg of the F2s was another great race with Chris Lake winning this and Dave Belsten 2nd.  Stve Brown got tapped by Ed Kerry over the jumo on the first lap and drove real hard to get back to 3rd.  Exciting 3rd leg in stall 🙂
Steve Brown and Myself
TQ and Win for both of us.
Loving it!! :)As it happens over the whole weekend

End of Season Championships  …….  F2 – Juniors – Vets – 4WDtorcheos_finals21


4WD day Round 1
torcheos_4wdround11 torcheos_4wdround12 torcheos_4wdround13 torcheos_4wdround14So sorry for the lack of updates – i haven’t been too well and was just chilling 🙂  Also for some reason had no internet… we go!
4wd Round 2
torcheos_4wdround21 torcheos_4wdround22 torcheos_4wdround23 torcheos_4wdround24
4wd Round 3 and 4
torcheos_finals3_42 torcheos_finals3_43 torcheos_finals3_44 torcheos_finals3_45Sorry no round 3 as the result have gone missing  – here are the full qualification results
Some results for the A finals
The U13 has been won by Luke Holdsworth after only 2 legs.  The Under 16s was won by Jack Neal after 2 leags and the Vets was won by myself after 2 legs,  The F2s is still open between Ed Kerry, Tony Bishop and Steve Brown. That is going to the 3rd leg…….RESULT – Ed Kerry from Tony Bishop and Steve Brown


National Broxtowe – 2wd

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports


The Track
Round 4 of the National series and here we are at Browtowe Model Car Club.  This is the first time for the club holding a National event.  The track looks tight in places and some sand on the astro turf.  Tyres will be a critical choice in my opinion and already everyone is talking various compounds and makes.  Pictures a little later 🙂

I personally went out on the Ballistic tyre for round 1 of practice and my RB6 was fine. Many the same.  Round 2 came round very quick and I run the Schumacher tyre but then my car was a little more unstable! – The weather is drying out every minute so God knows on the tyres.  First time here for many so all a little blind

Round 1
Round 1 started all dry but mother nature unfortunately decided its to be a weather affected round.  It rained for the lads in or around heat 4, then it dried out quickly.  Come heat 9, 10, and 11 (only 11 heats today) the rain was on and off and certainly affected many of the tops boys too!
Darren Bloomfield TQed the round with Tom Yardy and Neil Cragg in 2nd and 3rd.  Many different tyres combinations were seen in round 1.  The weather is looking better so lets see what develops

Round 2
coming live

Round 3
coming live

Round 4
coming live

coming live

coming live

coming live


BRCA National @ Eden Park Raceway 4wd

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After a great 2wd National we are all looking forward to the Sunday event of 4wd and here is the track.

Beautiful sunny morning – get your cream on boys and girls

Practice was a sunny afair with everyone smiling.  The weather seems to do this for most.
A very fast chicane saw many breakages, ever from the cream of the UK.
If you can get this section right there is time to be gained
Round 1
round11Well it seems that many drivers have put plenty of ponies in their 4wd cars – Fast – WOW are some cars fast.  i have to admit though, my Orion power FS2 is not slow either.  The club have opened up the straight and we are all having a great time.  Lee Martin stole TQ from Neil Cragg by a whisker.  I was 28th but had an error – More to come i feel….weather still good and everyone in T-shirts – yea T-shirts 🙂 
Round 2


Round 3

Round 4
round4finals1 round4finals2 round4finals3

Here soon

BRCA National @ Eden Park Raceway 2wd

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Eden Park Raceway
We are at Eden Park Raceway this weekend for the 3rd round out of 6 of the BRCA National Championship.  The club has a long history and has certainly gone through thick and thin over the years.  I have raced here on and off for years and in my opinion, the EPR club is at its strongest.  Great  personnel that are doing an amazing job.  Really looking forward to the event and although I am currently not at trackside, I know it will be presented to the highest standard.  
The track and practice
A totally different track layout by the grew at EPR – I am sure never raced on and new to everyone.  That’s the way to do it!!
thetrack1The practice session was damp.
Many if not all drivers choosing the silver soft compound and circulating far slower than capable.
We have had 2 sessions and my car felt real good in the 2nd one.
We are now in round 1 qualification and the sun is out…..shhh!!
Round 1
round11Simon Moss, Neil Cragg and Darren Bloomfield setting the pace.  Lee Martin had some brake issues so will be dropping this one but on a single lap it was Elliott Boots quickest than all.  I had a fairly good run to come in at 19th but I had errors like most did
Round 2
round21Round 2 – A dry round for everyone.  Neil Cragg is in my heat and he had a great clean run to TQ the round and provisionally take TQ for the meeting.  With 2 rounds to go though anything can happen.  I was sort of proud in rolling back the years to take 12th in round 2 and that currently is 17th with a guarantee of top 30 – I can’t do somersaults as i would land on my head – LOL
Round 3
round31The sun is out still and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.  I broke my car (not my fault – LOL) and ended uo 108th…..Mmmmmm!
Lee Martin had a good run as did Darren Bloomfield and Si Moss….all those guys now in the A Final.  Neil Cragg didn’t have his best run but after an error looked very fat.  It will be interesting with one run to go.  I am currently in the B final but finally enough I feel I can go very much faster.  My Orion 6.5 is very sweet……:)
Round 4
round41 round44Obviously the results speak for themselves – Congrats to Si Moss for TQ round43 round42
finals1 finals2 finals3Here are the 3 A Final legs
Your top 3

finals4Lee Martin, Simon Moss and Neil Cragg

BRCA 4wd Regional @ Stotfold

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports

Stotfold on the border off Hertfordshire and  Bedfordshire it is then!  The drive up took less than normal and somehow I was thinking this is a new beginning.
The fields were gorgeous first thing in the morning and sun is shining – good combination for a smile 🙂


The Track
round12Many changes at the Stotfold track – new astro and a very new layout this time round – looking good though so a big well done to those that have worked so hard to achive this thus far
Round 1
round13Round 1 was a bit of a messy affair for many.  Cream at the top though
Round 2
round21Round 2 was much better for me – 5th in round so that was good – Moved up but still need a run to secure the A final – Feeling real good though so lets rock!  Moss, Lee, Storey, Spencer all looking quick too
Round 3
round31Some local qiuck lads here today.  John Spencer is current TQ and is driving very well.  Si Moss is as quick as ever as is Kev, Lloyd etc.  i feel a bit stupid as I was ahead of all those guys in the last run but made some unforced errors and fell back.  Never mind.  The VST2 Orion is more than quick enough so lets see what we can do in round 4 – Need it as 11th at the moment
Round 4
round41Well in round 4 i needed a run to get myself in the main A final….no pressure eh!!
Well i managed that so no probs.
Si Moss had a good run and TQed the meeting
The weather was still dry so happy days
Leg 1

finals1Leg 2

finals2And the results are here


Simon Moss

Simon Moss – TQ and Winner of the main A final
Well done Si 🙂