BRCA National @ Eden Park Raceway 2wd

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Eden Park Raceway
We are at Eden Park Raceway this weekend for the 3rd round out of 6 of the BRCA National Championship.  The club has a long history and has certainly gone through thick and thin over the years.  I have raced here on and off for years and in my opinion, the EPR club is at its strongest.  Great  personnel that are doing an amazing job.  Really looking forward to the event and although I am currently not at trackside, I know it will be presented to the highest standard.  
The track and practice
A totally different track layout by the grew at EPR – I am sure never raced on and new to everyone.  That’s the way to do it!!
thetrack1The practice session was damp.
Many if not all drivers choosing the silver soft compound and circulating far slower than capable.
We have had 2 sessions and my car felt real good in the 2nd one.
We are now in round 1 qualification and the sun is out…..shhh!!
Round 1
round11Simon Moss, Neil Cragg and Darren Bloomfield setting the pace.  Lee Martin had some brake issues so will be dropping this one but on a single lap it was Elliott Boots quickest than all.  I had a fairly good run to come in at 19th but I had errors like most did
Round 2
round21Round 2 – A dry round for everyone.  Neil Cragg is in my heat and he had a great clean run to TQ the round and provisionally take TQ for the meeting.  With 2 rounds to go though anything can happen.  I was sort of proud in rolling back the years to take 12th in round 2 and that currently is 17th with a guarantee of top 30 – I can’t do somersaults as i would land on my head – LOL
Round 3
round31The sun is out still and everyone seems to be enjoying themselves.  I broke my car (not my fault – LOL) and ended uo 108th…..Mmmmmm!
Lee Martin had a good run as did Darren Bloomfield and Si Moss….all those guys now in the A Final.  Neil Cragg didn’t have his best run but after an error looked very fat.  It will be interesting with one run to go.  I am currently in the B final but finally enough I feel I can go very much faster.  My Orion 6.5 is very sweet……:)
Round 4
round41 round44Obviously the results speak for themselves – Congrats to Si Moss for TQ round43 round42
finals1 finals2 finals3Here are the 3 A Final legs
Your top 3

finals4Lee Martin, Simon Moss and Neil Cragg