Kyosho Lazer ZX-6



The next generation of the Lazer ZX series is here!
In the world of EP 4WD racing, the Lazer ZX series has been competing and winning at the highest levels of RC racing for years. And now the newest evolution of the Lazer ZX series is here, with the all new Lazer ZX-6! Starting with an all new slim design 7075 T6 aluminum hard coated chassis with adjustable battery and motor configurations that allow the use of a shorty pack on either the left or the right side of the chassis, or the tried and true saddle pack configuration. The ball diffs are tungsten carbide equipped and include genuine X-Gear Diff lube and High Graphite grease. A new advanced steering geometry have greatly improved steering response and smoothness. The one piece shock tower/camber link mounts and composite chassis brace design add durability and ease of maintenance to this new 4WD machine. All four suspension mounts are now machined aluminum and track/toe width adjustable by the use of composite inserts for maximum tuning ability. The new Lazer ZX-6 has been designed to take your racing to the next level and beyond.
Slim 7075 T6 Hard coated chassis for maximum stability, durabilty, and amazing handling.
Multiple battery/motor configurations are possible, shorty on the right or left, and saddle pack layout are all possible.
Velvet coated big bore shocks with one piece aluminum shock caps and genuine X-Gear springs are included.
One piece shock tower/camber link mount increases durability and ease of maintenance. Composite chassis braces keep the front to rear flex to a minimum while still allowing for side to side flex.
Aluminum suspension mounts on all four mounting positions increase durability and are track and toe width adjustable by changing the included inserts.
New cab forward body and high flow wing for the perfect aero balance.

Lazer ZX-6 New Features:

  • Slim 7075 T6 milled hard coated aluminium chassis with composite side guards.
  • New more advanced steering geometry with aluminium rack.
  • One piece bulkhead cap shock tower/camber link mount.
  • New sliding motor mount design.
  • Tungsten ball equipped differentials.
  • Adjustable motor/battery layout. Compatible with shorty or saddle packs.
  • Velvet coated big bore aluminium shocks with one piece aluminium caps.
  • Genuine X-Gear springs, ball diff grease and hi-graphite grease.
  • Heavy duty ring gears for a bulletproof drive train.
  • New cab forward body and high flow wing.

Required for operation:

  • 2-channel, 1-servo, 1-ESC R/C System
  • Motor
  • Battery
  • Tires
  • Tire inserts
  • Battery charger
  • Pinion gear
  • Paint for body
  • Batteries for transmitter
  • Tools
Technical Data
Length 385mm
Width 248mm
Height 145mm
Wheelbase 278mm
Tread (F/R) 210mm / 200mm
Tire(F/R) sold separately
Gear Ratio 2.6:1 (2nd)
Weight 1,650g (without electronics)

Kyosho Ultima RB6


Kyosho RB6

The new Ultima RB6 is the latest in the Ultima line of vehicles, which is a further development of the breed, and it includes all the enhancements that have been designed by Kyosho engineers and tested over the last year by Kyosho International factory drivers like Jared Tebo and legends of the RC world. This type of development, along with the uncompromising manufacturing standards and the vast experience that can only be gained from decades of high-level competition, makes the Ultima RB6 a strong choice as the car to beat for the 2013 season.


  • 7075 Machined hard anodized aluminum chassis with angled sides.
  • 2 motor layout setups included in kit – Rear 3 gear setup and Mid 4 gear setup.
  • Smart battery tray design Compatible with short, straight and saddle packs with both mid and rear motor setups.
  •  Long Wheelbase The chassis is now 13mm longer than the original RB5, giving you amazing stability.
  • Reversable rear gull-wing suspension arms allow for more agile turning and stability in bumpy terrain.
  • Velvet coated big bore shocks with new one piece alloy caps and X-Gear® springs.
  • X-Gear® diff lubricants
  • New high down-force “Blade” cab forward body
  • New Step 2.0 M rear wing
  • Super low CG design
  • New steering crank design.
  • All new front end geometry with adjustable caster blocks via inserts.

What is a KIT?

  • A KIT is a higher level vehicle that included nearly everything you will need to build a rolling chassis. You will need to supply items like motor, ESC, battery, tires and radio equipment. Required items may vary from kit to kit so please see Required Items For Completion section for full list.

Kit Contents

  • Unassembled Chassis
  • Clear Body w/ Masking
  • Wheels (Front & Rear)
  • Wing
  • Hex Wrench
  • Instruction Manual

Required For Completion

  • R/C System / 2-channel, 1-servo system for cars, 1 ESC and motor.
  • Tires / Tire insert
  • 7.4v LiPo (std. straight pack / saddle packs / short (shorty) packs
  • Battery Charger Lipo Compatible
  • Batteries for R/C system

Technical Data:

  • Scale: 1/10
  • Length: 395mm (15.5in)
  • Width: 249mm (9.8in)
  • Height: 140mm (5.5in)
  • Wheelbase: 285mm (11.2in)
  • Gear Ration: 2.6:1 (1st)
  • Weight: 1,620g approx (w/body)


Kyosho RudeBits DB1


Kyosho Rudebits DB1

Conversion kit that uses Kyosho buggy components for a mid-motored format. Unlike other conversions, features a shaft-drive set-up with the motor located further forward than a conventional chassis with a mid-motor arrangement.

The DB1 uses 2.6mm thick carbon fibre for the chassis, top deck, steering brace, battery straps and LiPo holders that totals seven pieces. The DB1 has a range of conversion packages to suit all requirements. Designed by BRCA National winner David Burton, it has already been confirmed that the car will be raced by Kyosho/RudeBits lead team driver Kevin Lee, Tony Evdoka and the car’s designer himself.

Ultra low centre of gravity
Conventional 2WD front end
Kyosho RB5 buggy steering
2.6mm high qualify carbon fibre material
Motor position ensures perfect balance
Alloy motor mount
Shaft-drive to rear gearbox
Kyosho front and rear suspension
Propshaft features a brass weight to smooth out initial acceleration
Will accept a full set of brass weights for altering balance
All-new body and wing




The time has arrived to experience the Inferno’s legendary racing performance. With a total of 8 Off-Road World Championship Victories and more recently Neo 2012, the Kyosho Inferno series has established an unrivalled record of success. Tested and proven at numerous international racing events, design upgrades have evolved multiple areas of the chassis platform to a new level. The chassis design focus is on efficient traction and is realized through short suspension arms and unique rear hubs that produce effective traction with light suspension stroke. Shock absorber design has changed from spacer setting adjustment to dial adjustment and incorporates the previously optional shock pistons with tapered holes that produce optimal piston speed and damping power over long running times. Other features include a low-height body design with less front-end resistance that generates aerodynamics for a competitive edge and stable posture through the air. With the power of the most advanced racing performance firmly in your grasp, the innovative design of the new TKI 3 puts racing glory within reach.


  • HD Universals – New 3.5mm thick swing shafts, much stronger than the previous version.
  • Heavy Duty Shock Tower – Strengthened front shock tower features a thicker construction giving you the ability to handle what ever your local track can dish out. Similar to what was used during the IFMAR 2011 Worlds.
  • Newly Designed – Redesigned molded battery and receiver box, which is compatible with KO propo switch.
  • Redesigned – New servo tray allowing for precise, effective and linear linkage movement.
  • Move Up – The radio tray has also undergone change which now allows for easy servo maintenance and replacement.
  • New Threaded Big Bore Shocks – Dial adjustable big bore shocks allow precision adjustment of front-rear and left-right suspension. (Front: Small / Rear: Medium)
  • New Design MP9 Wheel – New design of the dish wheels is lightweight with optimal rigidity and supports sure traction and effective tire grip.
  • New Tapered Shock Pistons – Shock pistons with tapered holes deliver optimal oil flow resistance and piston speed for superior damping effectiveness.
  • Improved King Pin Design – Longer king pin and longer flanged collar improves reliability and prevents knuckle coming loose in the event of hard contact or a crash.
  • Redesigned Arms – Redesigned and reinforced for extra strength around the stabilizer mounting holes on the front lower suspension arms.
  • Aluminum Wing & Radio Post – Machined aluminum wing stay posts and radio plate posts deliver improved reliability through increased strength and rigidity. New Suspension Bushings – New white suspension bushings are now included providing you high visibility of your setup.
  • New Aluminum Rear Hubs – New design of the aluminum rear hubs effectively realizes shorter suspension arms to deliver reactive movement for traction efficiency.
  • New Body Design – new low-height body design with less front-end resistance that generates aerodynamics for a competitive edge and stable posture through the air.
  • New Air Filter – This high capacity air filter allows a long and consistent air feed to your engine.
  • Ultra Low C.O.G – Ultra low center of gravity, lightweight and optimal weight balance all combine to deliver the ultimate racing weapon.
  • More Down Force – Bolted on large wing generates powerful down force. New ribbing at the back results in improved rigidity.
  • 7075 Grade Aluminum – Hard main chassis made from 7075-grade aluminum, hard shock stay, big bore shocks and aluminum knuckle arms realize great strength, durability and rigidity.
  • Hard Anodized Components – The shock stay and main chassis are hard anodized for improved resistance against dirt and damage.
  • Composite Torque Rods – Resin torque rods fitted on front and rear contributes to moderate flexibility and smooth running performance.
  • Endless Adjustments – Roll center can be adjusted by changing the direction of the spacer inserted into the lower arm of the rear suspension. Also, the one-piece ball and washer ball-ends are an added maintenance feature
  • Upright Servo – Servo is mounted upright for easy maintenance and is dropped 2mm to contribute to the lower center of gravity. The hard chrome finish to the metal parts is more resistant to damage and dirt than anodizing.
  • Extremely Light Weight – The smaller differential units on front and rear with grooved cup joints, aluminum balls and the flexing shape of resin parts effectively lightens the weight while giving the chassis rigidity, more durability and strength.
  • New Fuel Tank – Newly designed fuel tank features finger hook for fast and reliable refueling and realizes stable fuel supply in even under severe posture changes.
  • Wraparound Side Guards – Grooved face in side guard matches the thickness of velcro tape and prevents dirt getting inside the chassis. Complete wraparound side guards only found on Kyosho MP9.
  • Equipped With Mud Guards – Mud guards on the rear arms prevent dirt entering the drive shafts and getting inside the wheels.
  • We Have You Covered – 3 types of servo horns included for various R/C systems (SANWA / KO / for JR, FUTABA and Hitech)
  • Hex Screws – Kit includes all hex screws enough said!
  • Weight Balance – Engine position moved 15mm forwards and 5mm to the center compared to the MP777. Also the height has been lowered by 1mm for ideal weight balance.
  • New Suspension Design – Newly developed suspension uses bushings for easy maintenance and rationalizes the setting order.
  • Increased Diff Case Capacity – Center differential realizes improved heat dissipating brake disc and increased case capacity for stable control through to the end of the race.
  • Optimal Race Settings – Fine tune for the optimal race setting with adjustments to wheelbase, tread, roll center, caster angle, toe angle and camber change.
  • 3 Differentials = Real Time 4WD – Features the Inferno’s signature shaft-driven 3-differential full time 4WD chassis.


Kit Contents

  • TKI 3 Kit
  • Clear Body
  • Wheel Set
  • Decal Sheet
  • Instruction Manual

Required For Operation

  • 2-channel, 2-servo R/C System for cars
  • 21-class Engine
  • Pipe & Header
  • Engine starting tools
  • Batteries for R/C system
  • Tires & Inserts
  • Fuel Bottle
  • CA Glue

Technical Data:

  • Scale: 1/8
  • Length: 490mm (19.2in)
  • Width: 307mm (12.0in)
  • Height: 180mm (7.0in)
  • Wheelbase: 325mm (12.7in)
  • Ground Clearance: 28mm (0.8in)
  • Gear Ratio: 11.7:1
  • Weight: 3,300g