Suspended, Blackmailed and Reinstated

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Well what was it all about.   
I first found out while at a race meeting.  The race director got a text that I was suspended.  Nice I hear you say!
The original email after I already knew stated and quote: 
“A member of the executive has implemented section 9 of the BRCA constitution and charge of bring the Association in to Disrepute has been levelled against you.”
I still do not know what this is about or how on earth I bring the Association into Distribute.
Next correspondence and quote:
“it was felt that your actions in recent times regarding posts on social media, emails and actions regarding the 1/10 off road web site were not in keeping with that of an officer of the Association”
So to clarify, in my eyes they didn’t like the internal emails where I am straight to the point with my views in making things better and somewhere, something was posted they didn’t like.  
I asked for specific examples and still don’t have them but got the following:
“As your suspension was not racing related your licence would be reinstated with the following conditions.” “The you serve a suspension of 5 years from serving on any committee within the BRCA”
So basically I have been blackmailed to be removed off the committee……all they should of done is asked! 

They have damaged themselves way more than any damage to myself.

The shame part of it all, I never claimed a penny for expenses unlike some with beautiful trips round the globe.  Always in my thoughts was how do we make the sport better and more entertaining. When I had a BIG sponsor for the sport and I am talking HUGE and interested in putting up 1/4 of a million pounds sponsorship, I was told we couldn’t handle more members.
What saddens me is the fact that inside I feel I have let the racing community down not a few power driven ‘boys’ at the BRCA.

See you at trackside ……



I’m back with BRCA troubles

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Hi all
Its been a long time since I used my own website.
Taking charge of the distribution of Serpent Off-Road products in the UK has been hard work but now that it’s established and going really well, I will be using my website a lot more.  Some trick stuff for you to use as well as set up advice and so on.

A little more time is also available to me, after my recent SHOCK suspension from the BRCA.
Yes that is correct and I hear you ask yourself why?!
Well after racing for 35 years, in fact I think its 36, and after numerous years in promoting the sport and supporting it in every way possible, some guy with clearly too much power has decided to suspend my licence because I have sent some sharp internal (quote internal) emails to the relevant committees.  Oh and a typo error.  Yes its true and even more so that they say and quote ‘ bringing the Association into distribute ‘
Yes I know you think its unbelievable but now it’s got more serious as its affected my racing 2017 season.
I had to cancel the 1st 8th National as I am still suspended and soon I will be FORCED to really consider my options legally as this is clearly defamation of my character.

Whats crazy about this is they say I have brought the Association into distribute……bearing in mind that the Association is its member, there is not one person that has negative critic for me on my timeline…..makes one wonder!! …..More soon….. 


Departure from Team Kyosho

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I am saddened to announce my departure from the Kyosho Team.
As UK 1/10th Team Manager for some years I have been very fortunate to drive for a special brand and represent some great people.
I would like to also thank all my Kyosho friends from all over the world.
Special thanks to Neil, Mike, Christoffe and everyone at FDL France (Kyosho Europe) that have given me great support over the past 5 plus years.
I now look forward to some exciting new challenges ahead.

Kyosho ZX6 Build

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Hi yah all

I have been privileged to have a few meetings with Elliott Boots prototype ZX6 recently and was with a view in establishing some base set ups for the production car on our high grip UK tracks.
What I didn’t expect is to find the new ZX6 production car to have so many differences and improvements not only to the older ZX5 but to the production car.

This is what I discovered when I built my new Kyosho 4wd ZX6 launched to the UK shops on the  7th of July 2014

Firstly the box and what’s inside (don’t laugh)
The box just makes a statement of intent.  A statement that inside you are going to have something real nice and competitive.  A better description of the box would probably be the word, classy!
The usual instructions and what’s what and tools needed and so on.  No differences here.
I then spotted the body and my mind instantly said to me that they thought about this car.
We have all been running a forward cab body on the ZX5 for some time and yes you guessed it, a beautifull forward cab body is in the box with some slick lines.
Right at the bottom of the box, there it was, a lovely narrow alloy chassis, just waiting for me (LOL)

I will not bore you to death with all the stage by stage build stuff but just point out some of the advantages of the new car as well as some of the improvement.

The shocks.
Everyone world wide knows the Kyosho shocks are probably the smoothest on the racing scene.
I noticed new upper support cups for the metal big bore cups.  Defo an improvement.
I also noticed medium shock bottoms included in the kit.  (they had to be bought separate before)
Couple of spare nuts and spare lower inserts part in the kit too.
2 hole pistons just like I have been running for a while so that’s sweet too.
Probably a little soft front spring for UK tracks but spot on Gold rears.

The diffs/Drive train
I heard many people saying they were disappointed with the kit coming with ball diffs instead of gear diffs.
Let me tell you that there are many scenarios where gears diffs are not as good as ball diffs and of course visa versa.
Gears diffs are on their way as you may already know so no dramas.  We need both.
I noticed small positive changes here too!
The diff hasn’t changed as such so anyone with a FS2 diff, this will carry over.
Good quality diff balls and a bulletproof thrust races make sure these are sweet from word go!
Same goes for the casings upper and lower apart from the front is the same as the rear lower casing..
The bevel gears have been improved with a new material.  Not sure why actually as I never had any troubles with the old ones but Kyosho developments always move forward!
The shaft that carries the bevel gear has changed to a stronger material.  For people that didn’t maintain their cars at the highest level, the shaft used to wear after a while and consequently the movement can cause a gear malfunction.
The drive cup to the propshaft has also changed to now a metal one instead of the old one that was plastic.
I love the new double Grub screw that holds this on with 2 flat sides to the shaft.  Great idea and safe as!  Another improvement.
The propshaft is a thinner dog bone type and also has a new foam pad in the cup to stop any chattering.  More improvements!!
The slipper pads have now been changed to 2 white pads……I have been running these like this for some 2 years…..not that they listened to me specifically but again Kyosho taking note of every little detail and  implementing it in their kits.

The Chassis and New Motor Mount
The alloy chassis is new to Kyosho on their 4wd car.
Its a lot thinner than the prototype car hence loosing a load of weight.
I have noticed other manufacturers cutting out there chassis ans so on trying to loose weight but no need here.
The chassis comes with side guards like most cars do these days and these fit just perfect.
The chassis has various holes for the different permutations that the car can be run in.
Saddles, Shorty with front motor or Shorty with rear motor.
This can be achieved with the new motor mount with a trick side loading idea.
Again a massive improvement from before.
Everything is in the kit to run any permutation you desire.  There are no additions needed.
For a matter of interest, my car in shorty rear motor configuration all uo is 1645g.  That’s only 57g over the BRCA legal limit (1588g)
Spot on!  We can now put weight (if needed) where we want to.

The wishbones, hinge pins and shock towers.
Here you will find that Kyosho have gone for a stable car rather than a car that is difficult to drive.
Straight rear wishbones on the rear giving the car more stability rather than the lean into the corner and pivot scenario.  Of course if you wish to have that its a simple fit the gull wing wishbones on and away you go!
Everything front and rear has alloy hangers as standard.  No need again to buy anything.
Can’t speak for other manufacturers but the ZX6 has adjustable front toe angle.  A very nice touch that I look forward in experimenting with in the future.
The shock towers again are an improvement with specifically the front one having rear fitted shocks.  This I am sure is to eliminate breakages of the front tower at lower levels of racing.
I must admit I had plenty of tumbles and never really suffered with this breaking but some have! Again an improvement.
The rear tower has also been moved slightly forward and this allows front and rear adjustments of the inner ball stud positions and heights without the removal of the shock towers.  I must admit this was a pet hate of mine in the past but thanks to Kyosho its all in the past.

All new steering on the car including new knuckle arms.  The steering is just so much better and I have been fortunate to already tried this on the prototype car.
Looking forward in running the production one now.

Body and wing
I love the new body as previously mentioned so no more said there.  Just looks superb on the car and fits like a glove!
And you get 2 wings in the kit too!

Only one thing I don’t like.
There is no rear post for a pin to support the body on.
A clever idea for a support so the body doesn’t drop down lower than it should but I have never been a lover of velcro so I just mounted a body post.  No drama but there wasn’t the option.  Bad Kyosho!! – LOL

I have been racing for over 30 years and its impossible to know how many cars I have built over the years.
Being old school there are many things that I look for.
Tolerances, quality of parts, chances to older model, drive train and the list goes on.  The ZX6 production car has not disappointed me.
I have been driving the FS for over 5 years now and seen many changes over that period as the car gets improved.
No one speak of all the good things that kits come with.  Like the quality bearings or the quality diff balls and all the other little things that normally other cars need to perform to a high standard over a period of time.  Kyosho have always put the good stuff in the kits and some will argue the price is slightly higher but don’t forget its all included.
Everything that may of been suspect on the older versions have been addressed and so many more positives and alternatives added in too.
Nothing needs to be bought.  If you’re good enough I am confident this car can and probably will win many events in the forthcoming future.
Thanks Kyosho, I’m happy 🙂



Different Avenues – Inside Line Racing

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As everyone knows I have supported Inside Line Racing for some years and of course they have supported me.

Unfortunately from Tuesday 8th of April ’14 we have gone our own ways.
RudeBits manufactures many unique products and has done so for years but with venturing in the retail side of certain RC products, Kev Lee feels its a conflict of interests.
It is uncertain as yet if Kev Lee will remain a RudeBits supported driver.

While I am personally saddened by all of this, I would like to take this opportunity to thank Kev and Ana ever so much for their support over the years.
I wish them the very best for the future.

I’m still here!

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Hi yah all

Sorry for the lack of reports and so on but recently I haven’t been of the best of health.

Saying that I am very much looking forward in racing this forthcoming weekend at the Maritime club at the 2 day Off-Road Wars.
I plan to do some LIVE reporting via my website so watch this space.  And all thanks to my long time pal, Tom How 🙂 Thanks for my website Tom!

Catch up soon all……

Winter is certainly here

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WOW!  It is certainly cold this morning.
My dog didn’t even want to move and she is a Hasky LOL

I will also be going racing to Silverstone Indoors this evening and will be rocking the Kyosho DB1 with a 6.5 Orion.
She won’t be slow for sure 🙂

Getting ready for racing

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The cars are on the bench and getting a once over ready for racing tomorrow at Eden Park Raceway.
EPR is a National venue so all the track time there is very valuable for when the Nationals come round. They also run a very good winter series.
I will be racing the RB6 with all my usual Orion electrics and i will be also doing live updates of the meeting.
Right the glue is ready so lets get some of these tyres mounted for tomorrow…..