Eden Park Raceway Winter Series 3

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports

Well when i got in the car this morning and fired the beat up, I really thought that I am mad.
Temp on the dash was showing -2.5 deg and i had to wait at least 10 minutes to even start the defrost.

Devotion or what? 🙂

Round 1

Round 1 and its very very cold.
A close call to who TQed round 1 as it was extremely slippery and that is being plite to the track conditions.
Getting traction was like winning the lottery and since I’ve never won the lottery i also don’t know what traction actually is.
Kev Lee had a wonder last lap to take TQ for round one.  A consistent drive with very little error saw Glen Westwood take 2nd with David Poulter and myself 3rd and 4th – very close though and it is actually very similar to dancing on ice!!
Round 2

The ICE was trying to defrost and as this was happening the track would actually get worse for grip.  The top surface would be slick and greasy and really whatever was done to the car would not benefit that much
Kev Lee once more took the round by a very small margin.
David Poulter driving the Kyosho RB6 for the first time and equipped with full Orion power was really getting the hang of it….hot on Kevs heels, David went second in round.  Chris Brooke driving his Losi 22 went third in round
Round 3

Well in round 3 we saw David Poulter really get the grips with everything to do with Kyosho and the RB6.
With his 7,5 Orion pushing him along, David took round 3 TQ with a convincing run.  Kev Lee took second from Glen and myself.
This of course leaves overall TQ open between Kev and David – what was certain at this stage is a Kyosho wa on pole
Round 4

I would normally say that the cars would be dialed in and everyone is ready but this would not be the case.
One practice lap of the top heat and everyone saying how they have no grip.
Kev Lee shows his class by taking the final round and the overall TQ.
David Poulter has a poor run in comparison to his other efforts and young Chris Brooke takes 2nd in round to put himself 3rd on the grid.

Finals and main A

The Kyosho Team was working to find the right set up all day.
Kev, David, Tony, Simon, Matt as many others were trying different things through the day.  Very constructive in these very low grip conditions.
The Vega Team were also evident and no doubt they were working hard to get Glens Tamiya working at its best.

Off we went on the buzzer and boy oh boy it was like driving on ICE…..Kev, David and Chris got away as i tussled with Glen for 4th.
I could see the leaders just a corner or two away so i had to make my move on Glen early….as i thought about this, Glen makes an error so I moved into 4th.
Setting my eyes on 3rd i started to hunt down Chris.
Chris to be fair to him, was driving within himself.  I was driving the socks off mt car but really in these greasy conditions it probably wasn’t the right thing to be doing.
Inch by inch I reeled in Chris only to finish just behind him in 4th.
Kev Lee won the final from David Poulter making it 4 Kyosho cars in the top 5.  Well done Simon Overall for bringing it in in 5th
Thanks EPR for your brave efforts in such cold conditions 🙂


I thought I would let you have the last look of the ‘Mario’ mustache (now gone) and today’s winner Kev Lee