Eden Park Winter Series – Feb 2013

Written by Tony. Posted in Race Reports

Back at the National venue of Eden Park Raceway…..

Weather is very cold but dry so looking forward to the racing.
Not a bad turnout considering many at at the EIR in Belgium this weekeng

Round 1
edepark_0302131There was open practice for everyone and after more or less all had 3 or so long runs we were off.

As you can see Grant Williams was off to a good start and without repeating this over and over he is sort of good – LOL
He will like me saying this!!

I should of had 2nd but some silly error (random too) saw me being back to 3rd after Mark Sadler stole it from me 🙁

In 4wd Glen Westwood was on his way to round 1 TQ with his XB4


Round 2
edepark_0302132Round came round quickly actually and i think the track was probably as good as it would be through the day.  When Astro is wet it seems to be grippy before it gets dirty from the mud under it and then the grip seems to dissapear and it gets greasy as we call it

Time for a good run and i did just that with a 2nd in round and an improved time.

Grant had another 1st in round with Mark 3rd

I was happy with my car but as always wanted to go faster like any racer does

Another TQ in round for Glen in 4wd

Round 3
edepark_0302134Round by round qualification it can be a pain sometimes as really you are not racing against the clock but your competitors.  Of course we want to go fast but no good throwing a run away because we are trying too hard.

In this run i did just that.
Managed to get a 2nd in round but we a slower time.
Some of the lads said the track slowed up but i wasn’t too sure

Matt Benfield was now making his move in 4wd as he TQed the 3rd round with the fastest time of the day

I have to report this
edepark_0302133LOL before I even start.
Yes when you look at the sheet you will see Grant ahead again from myself that actually did a slower run than the round 2 time.


And I know some of you will be surprised I switched to Big Bore shocks and I thought the car was for sure quicker.

The proof of course is always the clock and as you can see, although rare, i had the quickest lap….Yes you read it right


Round 4
edepark_0302135Not sure why i took a photo of the heat rather than the overall so sorry for that.

I played a little with my set up as now i like the Big Bore baddies and as you can see still had the 2nd faster single lap.

Not mad for an old dog eh!!

Matt Benfield TQed the last round too of the 4wd cars and took TQ from Glen
That would be a B44 from a XB4 on the grid



Mark Sadler
edepark_0302136Mark Sadler qualified 3rd

Mark has been around the sport for some 29-30 years (Yes he is old)
Still races hard but also seems to enjoy his sons racing as it develops too…..look out for Mason Sadler

Some of you may remember the famous Wasp Products
That was Marks dad – we all miss him

Catch up soon Mark 🙂



2WD Final
edepark_0302137The final was great – well I enjoyed it anyways 🙂

We started off and i decide the only chance was to go for it.

Well go for it i did, got to the first corner and was full on the handbrake and threw my RB6 up the inside of Grants Cougar……all good for now till i realised that once the momentum was lost then the get up and go was all too difficult and as soon as I tried to power away i was doing donuts and dropping down to 4th.

Ah well I was trying – LOL – my car was good so nothing lost or gained at the first corner.  5 mins is a long time in RC….off we went again and managed to get to 3rd by Chris Brooke that was doing OK himself.

Up front Grant got it slightly wrong and Mark Sadler jumped to the lead.
It was a great battle thus far and this is all in the first 2 laps or so.
Grant was patient by the sound of the commentary by Steve and got out in front once again

I hunted down Mark and sat behind him for a while but had to make a move otherwise Grant would settle and be off in the distance like he can.

I got past Mark and set off to catch Grant but I just knew he had too much of a gap and this was going to be a fight for 2nd with Mark.  Had a great battle for the remainder of the race and managed to hold him off to take the 2nd place.
Well done to Grant for his win and now he can go off to Canada for his hols all happy – 🙂

4wd Final
edepark_0302138TQed man Matt Benfield lined up on the grid but no 2nd place man Glen Westwood.  Not sure why but Glen that TQed the 1st and 2nd rounds wasn’t running

In 3rd and now 2nd but with a grid space clear was Kit Jones with his Schumacher K1 car
4th now 3rd was young Mason Sadler

The buzzer went and it was all very civilised among the front runners.
Matt Benfield slowly but surely was building a gap and was to go on and take the win.

Mason Sadler though was in a right ding dong battle with 6th on the grid Billy Fletcher.
A wonderful race between them that went all the way to the line.  Mason got a great 2nd place with Billy just behind.

The club once more gave us all a very good event and I really enjoyed it

Thanks EPR