Herts Regional 4wd 2017

Written by Tony. Posted in Race Reports

Hi yah all.
I have been changing layouts in my SDX4 for some time now and basically learning what suits what in what circumstance.
It has to be said I have never had a 4wd that can practically have every layout possible apart from with my Serpent SDX4.
I have now settled on the saddle configuration as I feel this gives the most consistent feel and the most balanced corner to corner as well as front to rear.
I chose to run a shorty servo as this is less weight up front.  A short servo is around 20-22g lighter than a full servo.

The Herts Astro track is sand based and can be very tricky if off line.
2 practice session went very well and I quickly turned the first 2 runs into TQ runs.
This would guarantee me 2nd on the grid whatever happened in the next 2 runs

The 3rd run and the 4th run were to basically get some minor stuff dialled in for the final.  
In the 4th run I was fighting with my friend Steve (drives a Schumacher- we all have problems) and he was to just steal the round from me that actually gave him TQ for the event, on the same points as myself.  He had a faster run in round 3…..

Certainly up for the finals as up to this point I didn’t use any new tyres like all other competitors were!!
I was running the 4wd full staggers on the front axle and the Darts on the rear.
Forward traction on this tract comes at a price of a new set of tyres unfortunately.

I will cut the final report short as I am actually very disappointed in myself.
Historically, most know if I get out in front I am a difficult person to overtake.  I will hold my lines and even if slower someone would have to go round me to gain the position.   I got out in front in leg 1 but a self inflicted error cost me the win only to finish 2nd.  In leg 2 I got out in front again and it was a repeat stupid error again to finish 2nd.  With a realistic chance of winning the meeting leg three started.  I held on to second only to make the most stupid error and put me last after the 2nd lap.  With nothing to lose at this stage I started to push my car to unprecedented limits for my driving style.  I took over place by place to find the commentator announce I was leading.  I was so surprised.  I was even questioning this as I was circulating.  Last lap and yes you guessed it.  The jump on the far side caught me out to find myself finishing 3rd in the leg.  This report is the day after and I am still annoyed at myself.  From a clear win, I finished 3rd for the event.

Conclusion is simple.  
This is radio controlled car racing and we take the rough with the smooth.
Mega enjoyed myself with some good friends.
Well done to all especially to Matt Perry for the win.

Next – National at Stotfold