Maritime Off Road Wars 2013

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports

maritimeoffroadwars_12 maritimeoffroadwars_13   Here we are at the annual Maritime Off Road event. The track layout has never been raced on so a new playing field for all the drivers. In attendance we have a selection of European and British drivers as well as World A finalist and so on……..will it be tough……sure it will

Round 1
Practice went well and everyone had their run and many used or scrubbed new tyres in.  My car was good i was and still am looking forward to the weekend. Round 1 was dominated by Darren Bloomfield as he just drove off in the distance in the top heat (14)  i had some transponder troubles so an estimated time had to be posted.  John, Lee and many other superstars where getting the grips with the track – i am sure the racing will get much tightermaritimeoffroadwars_14
Round 2
maritimeoffroadwars_21Round 2 has come round very quickly and Darren Bloomfield is really shinning on this track.  No errors thus far and has improved his TQ by a few seconds.  Kev Lee driving his Kyosho is looking good and with an error is sitting in 6th.  Lee, Jorn and the others are quick, sure they are but not yet a challenge to Darren.  i sort of had some errors but still feel confident something can happen.  I just have to pay the cream some serious dosh – LOL 🙂
Round 3
maritimeoffroadwars_31Round 3 and Lee Martin making his move to 2nd on the grid and David Poulter and Ellis Stafford setting the same time for 3rd and 4th on the grid.  The competition is certainlytight but some good times coming in from Craig Collinson among others

Darren Bloomfield is looking hot though and the others are chasing it

Darrens' Losi TLR22
maritimeoffroadwars_32Darrens car currently on TQ spot after 3 rounds
Craig Collinson
maritimeoffroadwars_34If you don’t know this guy its Craig Collinson.
Most of his friends call him the Hulk – Craig is currently sitting in the A final and by the way he doesn’t normally pull nice faces 🙂
Round 4

maritimeoffroadwars_42Round 4 was really the round to do it and when we look at the sheet, European Champion Jorn was only sitting 10th with one run to go – That is the level of competition here at Maritime. It was all happening all over the list with improvements and not.  I was on a extremely good run when a small incident really cost me some time and a spring cup off, that was that.
They say the cream rises to the top and Jorn put it a top 3 time so 3rd on the grid.  Kev Lee that dropped out of the A Final put a steady Eddie run to put his RB6 7th.
No one beat Darrens time so he is TQ
Here is your top ten……

2wd Top Ten