Maritime Off Road Wars Winter Series

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports

Silverstone yesterday and Maritime Off Road Wars Winter Series the next day.
Yes we are mad but its the love of our sport!
Today we will be rocking and rolling with the Kyosho RB6, Orion powered of course


Updates as they come in






Round 1
Well the club runs FTD (Fastest time of the day) and to say the least its very fast and furious.
Many people were here practicing though the week ans yesterday so some for sure have an advantage……I was very pleased to be just half a second off the fastest lap so we have potential – LOL
Ellis Stafford making adjustments
For a long time now Ellis has been telling me to adjust my transmitter from a 3/4 stick to conventional 1/2 stick.
Today I have put my future racing career in his hands and let him loose in adjusting my transmitter – God save me!
Round 2
So round 2 has just been concluded and Ellis Stafford has some errors in his run and doesn’t improve.  Darren Bloomfield gets very close to Ellis’s first round time and went 2nd overall. Grant Williams goes 3rd overall.
I improved but errors sees me in 14th (at the moment!!)
Chris Delves TLR
As you can see here, some cars are very well prepared.
Chris Delves from Horizon UK clearly takes some time preparing his car…..
Very nice!
Round 3
Well clearly some set up changes had to be done so Elliott Boots and myself had a good chat to what’s what.
We both changed our cars to a higher roll centre and the result speak for itself.
Elliot managed to put his RB6 in 2nd and I manged to get mine to 10th.

Still more to come i feel…..lets see 🙂

Elliott Boots and my mustache
Elliott and I getting the Kyosho cars in the A final with one round to go
I know I look terrible but its for a good cause
Final Qualifications after round 4
Well we all threw it at the track and really not many improved.
I am very happy to make the top ten especially not been here before but realistically Ellis, Darren and Elliott are the quick guys
Shaun Howe's Kyosho
If there was ever a sexy car, then this is it – Lovely
This is the A Final result – congratulations to all

1. Darren Bloomfield
2. Elliott Boots
3. Ellis Stafford
4. Grant Williams
5. Chris Delves
6. David Bowan
7. Chris Granger
8. Glenn Doman
9. Tony Evdoka
10. Matt Benfield

Thank you to all the organisers at Maritime – Look forward in seeing you all soon