Maritime Raceway – Winter Series RD3

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Here we are!!!
Round 3 of the now famous Maritime Winter Series.
Location is Chatham east of London in Kent.








Practice Day
The club runs a practice session the day before (Saturday) their winter series which I think is really nice for the devoted racers to dial their cars in to the track – Starting at 10.0am till 4.0pm is just perfect – I like it!
Round 1
maritime_2_1301134Well the first round should not be counting for anyone.
It was a scrappy affair in the top 3 heats and more or less everyone having errors of some sort.

It is FTD racing by the way which really means you have to be on it






Darren Bloomfield
maritime_2_1301135Darren is running his Orion powered TLR 22.  He TQed round 1





Round 2
maritime_3_1301131Well the grip seems to have come up a little and many of the drivers have improved in this the 2nd round.
Darren Bloomfield and Ellis Stafford I believe run their outboard cars.  There isn’t much grip out there and Darren improved on his time by 6sec.
I made some small fine tuning and now currently sitting 8th.
Lets see if we can improve in the 3rd round and see if the lads decide to stay with the outboard cars?!





Matt Benfield
maritime1301132Matt Benfield.
Editor of Racer magazine and F1 National driver looking very serious about racing these days.
Currently sitting in 7th place after 2 runs.
Good job Matt 🙂


Round 3
maritime_4_1301134Round 3 and now we have a decision to make.  Do we run new or older tyres.  I went with older tyres and I can’t say they were bad but I didn’t improve on my run.
Others put better tyres and improved.  Now I am sitting out of the main so looking towards experience to get the car in the main.





Ellis Stafford
maritime_4_1301131As ever, Ellis Stafford is typing on his PC.
Now i wonder if this has anything to do with his speed he has shown in the taking the 3rd round to go 2nd overall.



Round 4
maritime_5_1301131i am sort of speachless with my personal performance as I thought after a very clean run I would be very close (at least) to the main A final.
I have found myself mid B final as apparently one can have a bad set of tyres.  I haven’t had this before but all i did is change my tyres for a better set and went backwards.  Ah well…..

Darren Bloomfield improved on TQ by around 4 sec and has the honor of pole in the main.

Should  be an interesting final as some of the guys are real close in lap times.



4wd Final
maritime_6_1301131The 4wd final saw Ed Kerry TQ the event with Chris Crainger 2nd.
The final started and it look to be a close affair with Chris starting off a little slow as Ed flew out of the traps and was on a mission.  A small error form Ed saw Chris catching and catching and it was getting very friendly and close till Ed had some sort of problem that allowed Chris to ease away and really cruise to the 4wd victory……very good racing.  Well done lads




2wd Final
maritime_6_1301132The A final was full of superstars and a 4wd car running without front drive shafts and so on (XB4)
The final started and the first 4 were just on a mission.
TQ man Darren started off on a flyer with Ellis and Grant in hot pursuit.  In 4th was Chris Delves and certainly he was not out of the picture.  In fact with only a couple of laps down, Chris looked real strong and his car was real quick in speed too.
Grant touched Ellis over the centre small ski jump and it all go a little messy between the 2nd, 3rd and 4th paces till they sorted that out.  An unfortunate touch but in my opinion these things happen when drivers are so equally matched and driving so close.
Darren was on his way to Waitrose and checking out, but Ellis had some other ideas with fast lap after fast lap.  Hunting Darren down but realistically it would require an error from Darren for it to be real close again.
It wasn’t to be and Darren won the 2wd event from Ellis 2nd and Grant coming in at 3rd.
I do believe there is a video of the final and i will send some emails to locate.

A big congratulations to the club for a great event and we all thank you for your efforts.
Catch up next time

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