Maritime Wars 2wd 15.02.14

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The weather this year is terrible. Some drivers have had to cancel as their houses are flooded and many couldn’t make the horrid journey because of the weather conditions. i wish them all the best. This hasn’t stopped 140 drivers attending and its a full meeting for 2 wheel drive! Our drive down was OK but instead of an hour and a quarter it was more closer to three hours maritime20142wdround11 So we have arrived at the 2014 Off Road Wars World Cup, at the fabulous Maritime Raceway in Chatham Kent. The Maritime Raceway committee have again layed out a demanding track.  Well it’s actually an easy track but demanding if you want to go fast – I like it 🙂 maritime20142wdround12 Practice was good for me after figuring out the layout so now looking forward to the racing on an FTD basis. The racing can be viewed live by the way at: Round 1 Round one was a scrappy affair for many.  Many drivers trying to scrub tyres in and not finding the ultimate grip on the slippery stuff. Jorn Neumann is the defending champion and traveled the journey from Germany for the event like he does every year.  He also had his small problems in round 1 but still managed to get his car 3rd overall.  Ellis Stafford was the main man in round one posting one of only 2 19 lap runs.  I am sure that will change by the end of the day. I was holding my own as they say till disaster struck me (LOL) and 2 errors dropped me from potentially 5/6th to 20th.  More to come though so now refreshing oils for round 2.

Round 2 was a fast and furious affair and it was a shame that I again made a couple of errors.  Currently sitting 17th but still feel i have a lot more to offer.  Ellis Stafford remains on top after 2 rounds with Kevin Brunsden 2nd.  Jorn made a better run to sit in 4th.  Remember this is FTD and at anytime someone can put a run in and break into the top ten.

maritime20142wdround21maritime20142wdround13Round 3 has been concluded and I added more steering to my car which really didn’t help matters – Although I went 2 secs quicker the car was difficult to drive.  Jorn moved to the top and Ellis 2nd with Kevin still 3rd – Looking forward to the last run and hopefully we can improve 🙂

maritime20142wdround31The final qualifier was a real fast and furious affair for everyone.  There were some that chose to throw their car at the track and hope for the best and some of us (LOL) chose to try and be accurate and error free!!!
Ellis managed to TQ ahead of Jorn but realistically it could of also been Richard Lowe.  Many quick drivers at the sharp end with us lesser mortals trying our hardest to get in the main A final.
Steve Brown BQed with missing the A final by the smallest margin.
I improved to 14th and again my one error cost me maybe one of the last spots in the main A.  i wonder how many people can actually say that though!!


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Main A Final leg 1 results