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Here we are at the Surrey and Hants Racing car club and you guest it, we are in Surrey – 🙂

The Track
shrcccround16The track is a tight and twisty track and gives the drives another element to racing.
Accuracy is of all importance and Kev Lee told me first thing in the morning, its actually ‘paramount’
Practice was a slippery affair ….no one was quick or consistent.  Track was very wet so it was just a matter of learning the layout
Round 1
shrcccround18Well the track was still a little wet for some of the early heats and then like a bolt from the sky – Boom – it was dry.  Well for the last heat it was.  I was in the heat before the top (not sure why) and i just went round clean with no heroics   The top heat for sure had massive more traction and we saw Glen Westwood have a great run to set TQ.  Kev lee was 2nd……the sun is out now so lets rock!!!
Round 2
The sun has gone already and its doom above.  Glen Westwood unfortunately broke his car on the first lap so he was out for this round.  Kev Lee drove an immaculate race to TQ and make a 15 lapper.  I did my steady Eddie drive and managed 2nd in round so happy days!! shrcccround21
Round 3
shrcccround31Round 3 came very quickly and I did some Kev Lee set up changes.  Now listen up everyone!!  You must always watch and learn from the faster guys.  My car was all of a sudden faster, easier and so on.  Thanks Kev……rock on round 4
Round 4
shrcccround41The weather is now rubbish – Its cold, windy and i am wishing for the Bahamas!!!
Anyways, Kev is moaning that I didn’t marshal him in a speedy fashion and I am telling him, keep it on its wheels you old man!!!
Now with all serious notes, the track has stayed in a good order and no excuses that there are some quick lads here.  Happily settle for 4th on the grid and lets see what we can do from there 🙂
finals1The Finals were very interesting.  All the drivers went out on the fast dry tyres.  Everyone started to circulate and instantly there was no grip.  The few rain drops effected the track that much that everyone had to change to their wet weather tyres.

First leg was a good race with Glen, Kev and myself building a bit of a gap on the others and just basically keeping the cars on their wheels.  I decided to go for it and when Glen took a corner just a fraction wide, I fed my RB6 in the gap.  The race was won by Kev from myself.

Leg 2 was disappointing for me as i got involved and didn’t really run my own race.  Kev had a problem around the end of the race which dropped him back behind myself,  The race was won by Chris Grainger

Leg 3 came round real quick and the rain was also coming down too.  Off we went and similar to leg 1, Kev got away and i just followed him through into 2nd.  From my point of view a bit boring as i circulated without any errors in my steady Eddie fashion and knew i was in with a chance of top 3.  2 wins meant Kev won the meeting and with a 1 and 3 Chris beat my 2 and 2 fro 2nd overall,  I finished 3rd and happy with it.  Thanks Kev for the help and well done mate 🙂

Also well done to all the organisers for a good meeting in horrible afternoon conditions.

The top 3

finals2Kev Lee, Chris Grainger and Tony Evdoka