Silverstone Indoor evening race 07.11.12

Written by Tony. Posted in Race Reports

Attended the regular Tuesday evening racing venue of Silverstone.
Always hot competition and many regular national A finalist in attendance.

I suppose some people may expect me to just report nice news here and big myself up all the time and so on.
Well I am going to disappoint those guys and dolls.
I had a shocker!!  Nothing really went the way I expected it to go and really beat myself rather anything else.
I qualified 7th with many mistakes in my best run.

I didn’t have the best of finals either after some cars thought it was a bumper car race rather than a racing buggies.
Very disappointing  but on the up beat side, I was please to be one of the very few able to do 15 sec laps so the car was on pace.
Its all the other laps that were the problem – LOL
David Poulter driving a Kyosho based car with Orion electrics won the evening.
Also thanks to everyone at Silverstone…… ‘good job’ as they say!
Catch up soon