Silverstone Winter Series RD2

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports, Race Reports

Here we are at Silverstone on an unusual Saturday event.  The track is a fast flowing indoor astro track with various jumps and slippery surfaces too.

Elliot Boots, Kev Lee, Tom Yardy and Darren Bloomfield showed early pace

Round 1

The first round was very fast and furious and many of the top drivers made the odd error that really hurt their first round qualifiaction
It was Tom Yardy that pitched it from Darren Bloomfield
Round 2

Round 2 many drivers got their act together and we were seeing everyone getting the grips with the track as well as the tyres.
Tom Yardy was stepping up the pace and on course for another TQ in round.
Richard Barton suprised a few people and went 2nd with Darren Bloomfield 3rd
I was sort of getting my act together and has a 9th in round after my first round 13th

Round 3

Well Tom Yardy knew a TQ in this round would give him the overall pole and that is just was he achieved.
David Poulter found some great pace and put his Orion powered Durango 2nd in round and yet again Darren Bloomfield in 3rd.
Some other interesting movers were David Burton (designer of the DB1) was securing his A final slot.
Karl Jackson also secured A Final as well as Kev Lee with his RB6
Round 4 and A - B - C Finals
Well this is the make or break round and boy oh boy was it fast and furious.
Darren Bloomfield made his mark in this round with a TQ so puts his Orion powered Losi 2nd on the grid behind Tom Yardy and his Associated C4.1
David poulter has another great run and goes 2nd in round and 3rd on the grid with his Orion powered Durango
Steve Brown has a good run and he secured his A final position with his Orion powered DB1 Kyosho
Charlie Ware had a 4th in round and put his Associated C4.1 in the last spot in the main A final
Matt Owen

Matt Owen is at the head of Silverstone Buggy Club and has massive enthusiasm for the club to succeed.
Maybe not enough people say thank for to the organisers so , thanks for another great meeting Matt
Stuart Whyman

Stuart is the Head Timekeeper for the British Radio Car Association and looks after all our National events and a lot more.
Whenever he is at the computer you just know the meeting is going to run smoothly.
Today was no different, thanks Stu

Well all the finals were great to watch and certainly some great close racing.
The C Final won by Paul Timberlake was a very close battle.
The B Final was gifted to John Spencer by myself with the help of Scott Faulkner (I know these two are laughing right now)
The Main A Final saw 4 cars fighting to the end and with Tom, Darren, David and Kev really throwing it at the track… the half stage one felt anyone of them could win. Congrats to Tom Yardy for another great drive and a cool head for the win