Silverstone Winter Series RD3

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Here we are at Silverstone round 3 and certainly today will be a test.
We have former British Champions and even a World A finalist in the heat listing.

Counting down I reckon some 25 odd drivers are capable in making the main A final so lets rock as the say!!

Round 1
Round 1 concluded and certainly some very quick boys here today.
The internet is very weak and therefore picture will be uploaded later on








Round 2
The Internet is actually very weak here to the degree I cannot upload any pics as yet – I will keep trying though.

The top ten haven’t much moved but we did see good lap times from Tom Cockrill, Simon Moss as well as Scott Faulkner.  Yes Scott has been driving very well
Others of note – Steve Brown very fast lap times but binned it
Myself the same.
Karl Jackson was quick as was David Poulter
All very close at the moment and remember the 2nd listing is with only one round counting



Round 3

Round 3 came very quickly and what was obvious is that Tom Cockrill was driving very well indeed.  Lloyd said to me prior to the round that he will be at the top and I just smiled.  Nothing like a driver with confidence for sure.  I was pitting with Scot and Simon Moss from Schumacher.  He actually advised some changed to my RB6 which made sense but on the same tone it is difficult to listen to an idea from a person outside the team.  I listen to everyone and evaluate for myself 🙂




Round 4
Well some more changes made to my car and to David Poulters Orion RB6 and off we went.  I figured i needed a 4th in round to put the car in the main

I managed a 6th in round with a car that felt much much safer so a thank you to Si Moss for his input.
David managed to get his in the A so well done to him.
We even managed to get Roger Mills to change from his own wonderful set up too….now we all know that takes some doing 🙂

Looking forward to the final now





Simon Moss
Simon Moss rocking his new K1






Lloyd Storey and his Cougar SV2
Lloyd did seem very confident and ended up putting his car 2nd on the grid





The Brits at the 1/8th Worlds - Argentina
 I have to say there was a bunch of drivers cheering on our lads over in Argentina

For the life of me i cannot understand the rule of the TQ man not being locked in to the main final….I mean heelllllooooo!!!!
With Elliott having a servo failure we were all gutted for him and then everyone was cheering for Lee to get it done and put it in the main – he did just that and we were all so happy for him



I don’t have many pics of the finals because as you can imagine many of us were keen to get away to get home and watch the 1/8th main.
In the B final it was a great race between the Kyosho lads with Steve Brown taking the win from myself and Scott Faulkner – good driving too!

The main A final was an exciting affair with the 3 Schumacher drivers setting a fast pace with Tom Yardy (Associated) and David Poulter (Kyosho/Orion) in very close attendance…..I was on the microphone trying not to be getting too excited – LOL

Half way through the race and everyone sort of made some silly errors.  The track was demanding when driven fast.
The time was winding down and Lloyd had an error that saw him drop to 5th.
Simon also with an error too dropped him off to 3rd and now Tom Yardy was on the chase to try and catch Tom Cockrill out in front.  David moved to 4th and was to remain there.
Like I said i was on the microphone and made the following comment ‘just one corner to go for Tom Cockrill and he will take the win’ when disaster struck his Cougar!  He spun it into the pipe with only 2 feet to get to the loop….yes only 2 feet.  Not sure who was more embarrassed at that moment with the crowd in shock!
Me for saying he is going to take the win?  Tom Yardy for driving round him to win?  or Tom Cockrill for touching the pipe and loosing the final only 2 feet away from the loop?

Certainly exciting stuff.

Thanks to the Silverstone crew for another good meeting – catch up soon

A Final 2wd - Many thanks Ricky Burnett
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