Lipo storage and charging

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There are many that believe storing Lipos fully charged is the right thing.
It actually isn’t.  The best way to store a Lipo is with some charge left in it.  Not full and certainly not discharged.
I normally run it for the race and then that is fine as its around half full.

Also there are many different thoughts about charging.  1% of the capacity is the right charging rate.
For example my Orion Lipos saddles are 5500 so I charge at 5.5 amps.
My Orion WTS stick packs are 4000 so 4 amps for them.
You can’t go wrong like that.
Also balance charging all the time is not necessary so long as you balance your Lipos periodically.  I do mine every 6-10 runs.
I am still using Orion Lipos from the European Championships 2 years back

Oil weights – weather determined

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Oil Weights and the Weather
With the winter months ahead, many of us race indoor events where shorts and t-shirts are required with temps up to 25-30 deg and then some outdoor events where we need layers of clothing, cloves and so on, with temps many times below freezing

The oils in the shocks become very important and this must be a considaration when setting up your buggy

In my experience the cold certainly affects the oils more than the heat……bare this in mind when setting up your buggies…….always consider the weather temperature……

HOTTER = thicker oil
COLDER = thinner oil

Screw Boxes

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Screw BoxScrew Box insideScrew Box Slide Lock

Many people like different boxes.
Big, small and all sort of sizes.

I have had many different types over the years but very recently Inside Line Racing introduced these boxes.

It goes in line with their various screw packages they do but the boxes are available separately.
I thought I would share this with you as these boxes have fixed compartments, 18 in fact and also can be locked shut via 2 sliders at the front.

Very compact size that can fit in any tool box …….at only £4.99 certainly keeps things very tidy
Good job Inside Line Racing, I love them

Visit Inside Line Racing by clicking the link on the left hand menu……



Tony’s Tips Coming Soon

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I will be posting lots of tips on the site soon so watch this space:

There will be tips about the following and more….

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