End of Season Championships ….. F2 – Juniors – Vets

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The Venue - TORCH Club
torcheos1Based in Hampshire, near Southampton a bunch of racers have transformed the Titchfield Off Road Racing Club into one of the best tracks in the country.  Hard effort, great ideas and a determination to succeed has earned the TORCH club a chance to be one the the elite clubs to hold a National event.  Well deserved too!  The track has multiple features that the members often move around and manipulate to always give a great test of any level driver. Recently the club had great comments from multiple British and European Champion Lee Martin, after he had some track time testing here.
This weekend they are hosting the National End of Season F2s, Juniors and Vets British Championships where the old meet the new if you like to battle for their status.
A manicured track presented beautifully so let the battle begin
Practice was a smooth affair with many showing speed.  Dave Belsten mate be laugh with a flat out attitude everywhere, look fast too!

Steve Brown looked smooth with his new Kyosho DB2 as did Chris Lake with his Schumacher.  As many already know Steve Brown and myself are running the new Kyosho RudeBits DB2 today and my car felt vry nice too.  It is only practice though

Round 1
torcheos_round15 torcheos_round16 torcheos_round17 torcheos_round18An interesting first round.  First up were the Vets and i was done just fine till a grub screw came out my drive shaft outdrive.  i blame the mechanic and i will leave that just there (me! – LOL)

The results for the Under 13s and the U16s as well as the F2s are here for everyone to see.  Some quick youngsters coming through 🙂

Round 2
torcheos_round21 torcheos_round22 torcheos_round23 torcheos_round24So round 2 has come round and to say the least I have to gather my stuff together and make sure I get a run in.  Well I had to start from the back of the grid and work my way through the field.  Managed to do that without incident till Alex Springer the TM2 manager had a senior moment and wasn’t sure which way to let me through.  A horrible last lap but still managed to TQ the round but disappointing it wasn’t dead clean.  You can see all the other results from the juniors.  Steve Brown TQed the F2s round 2 with a very impressive run from the ever charging Ed Kerry.  All hotting up nicely including the sunshine.
Round 3
torcheos_round31 torcheos_round32 torcheos_round33 torcheos_round34Results up and Steve Brown with his new Kyosho RudeBits DB2 has TQed the meeting with a run to go.  More soon
Round 4
Qualifying is over – I am pleased to say that the RudeBits DB2 Kyosho car (only 2 here) have both TQed their respective class.  Roll on the finals!torcheos_round41 torcheos_round42 torcheos_round43 torcheos_round44 torcheos_round45
The finals have come round and I am real pleased to say that I won the first leg.  The car just feels easy to drive and I had no need to push on.  The F2 final was a great race between Steve Brown, Ed Kerry and Dave Belsten.  Steve just kept it on its wheels and took the first leg.  Ed came in 2nd.  Nothing decided yet as the round 2 of the finals have started.  I have just come back from the 2nd leg of the Vets and I can confirm I have won the meeting in my class.  Thank you to all my sponsors and to all the Team around me that we all constantly help each other.  The 2nd leg of the F2s was another great race with Chris Lake winning this and Dave Belsten 2nd.  Stve Brown got tapped by Ed Kerry over the jumo on the first lap and drove real hard to get back to 3rd.  Exciting 3rd leg in stall 🙂
Steve Brown and Myself
TQ and Win for both of us.
Loving it!! :)As it happens over the whole weekend

End of Season Championships  …….  F2 – Juniors – Vets – 4WDtorcheos_finals21


4WD day Round 1
torcheos_4wdround11 torcheos_4wdround12 torcheos_4wdround13 torcheos_4wdround14So sorry for the lack of updates – i haven’t been too well and was just chilling 🙂  Also for some reason had no internet…..here we go!
4wd Round 2
torcheos_4wdround21 torcheos_4wdround22 torcheos_4wdround23 torcheos_4wdround24
4wd Round 3 and 4
torcheos_finals3_42 torcheos_finals3_43 torcheos_finals3_44 torcheos_finals3_45Sorry no round 3 as the result have gone missing  – here are the full qualification results
Some results for the A finals
The U13 has been won by Luke Holdsworth after only 2 legs.  The Under 16s was won by Jack Neal after 2 leags and the Vets was won by myself after 2 legs,  The F2s is still open between Ed Kerry, Tony Bishop and Steve Brown. That is going to the 3rd leg…….RESULT – Ed Kerry from Tony Bishop and Steve Brown