I’m back with BRCA troubles

Written by Tony. Posted in My news

Hi all
Its been a long time since I used my own website.
Taking charge of the distribution of Serpent Off-Road products in the UK has been hard work but now that it’s established and going really well, I will be using my website a lot more.  Some trick stuff for you to use as well as set up advice and so on.

A little more time is also available to me, after my recent SHOCK suspension from the BRCA.
Yes that is correct and I hear you ask yourself why?!
Well after racing for 35 years, in fact I think its 36, and after numerous years in promoting the sport and supporting it in every way possible, some guy with clearly too much power has decided to suspend my licence because I have sent some sharp internal (quote internal) emails to the relevant committees.  Oh and a typo error.  Yes its true and even more so that they say and quote ‘ bringing the Association into distribute ‘
Yes I know you think its unbelievable but now it’s got more serious as its affected my racing 2017 season.
I had to cancel the 1st 8th National as I am still suspended and soon I will be FORCED to really consider my options legally as this is clearly defamation of my character.

Whats crazy about this is they say I have brought the Association into distribute……bearing in mind that the Association is its member, there is not one person that has negative critic for me on my timeline…..makes one wonder!! …..More soon…..