National Broxtowe – 2wd

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports


The Track
Round 4 of the National series and here we are at Browtowe Model Car Club.  This is the first time for the club holding a National event.  The track looks tight in places and some sand on the astro turf.  Tyres will be a critical choice in my opinion and already everyone is talking various compounds and makes.  Pictures a little later 🙂

I personally went out on the Ballistic tyre for round 1 of practice and my RB6 was fine. Many the same.  Round 2 came round very quick and I run the Schumacher tyre but then my car was a little more unstable! – The weather is drying out every minute so God knows on the tyres.  First time here for many so all a little blind

Round 1
Round 1 started all dry but mother nature unfortunately decided its to be a weather affected round.  It rained for the lads in or around heat 4, then it dried out quickly.  Come heat 9, 10, and 11 (only 11 heats today) the rain was on and off and certainly affected many of the tops boys too!
Darren Bloomfield TQed the round with Tom Yardy and Neil Cragg in 2nd and 3rd.  Many different tyres combinations were seen in round 1.  The weather is looking better so lets see what develops

Round 2
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Round 3
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Round 4
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