Stotfold Winter Series Round 2

Written by Tony. Posted in Live Race Reports, Race Reports

Here we are at Stotfold.
The track is actually frozen but we hardcore racers actually and here to race.

NEW astro down and the track feels so different.  Still very slippery in places and care and caution will have to be taken today to actually qualify well.  I just hope it warms up a little





Round 1
Well round 1 was a very slippery affair.  John Spencer was driving very well and took TQ from Kev Lee.  I was wondering how they could be that quick but i managed 4th so i knew i had some work to do
Round 2
Round 2 was better after a couple of changes.  Took all tiings off the R10 speedo and no turbo either.  Smoothed the car right out and managed to get 27s lap times which was on the pace.  John Spencer was still flying though
Round 3
In this round i thought I would push on and stop driving like Miss Daisy …. wrong move…got some fast lap times but too many errors….back to Miss Daisy for round 4.  John Spencer repeated the first 2 rounds to take overall TQ although Kev binned it and gifted it to John
Some more set up changes to the RB6 and slowing dialling her in.  Probably too much power in the car and should of switched to a 8.5 Orion but just didn’t have time.
Tom Cockrill
Now this bloke has a bunch of stuff to answer to….not only I got back to my laptop to find Super Mario ALL over as a screen saver but when i go into the FaceBook page …..well it was everywhere….God save you Tom – LOL 🙂
A Final 2wd
Well off we went and straight away everyone was making comments of lack of grip….to be fair my RB6 felt fine, yes it was a little more slippery but nothing like the beginning of the day before the sun came up.
i stayed with the leading pack for some laps after getting in to fourth.
John was stretching away and was driving very very well.  Kev Lee was 2nd and Kit Jones sitting just in front of me.
No matter what I did i just couldn’t close the gap.
That was the finishing order.
John Spencer
John Spencer was on fire at the weekend.
He drove well in quali and in the final……deserved win for the big man. Well done pal 🙂