Suspended, Blackmailed and Reinstated

Written by Tony. Posted in My news

Well what was it all about.   
I first found out while at a race meeting.  The race director got a text that I was suspended.  Nice I hear you say!
The original email after I already knew stated and quote: 
“A member of the executive has implemented section 9 of the BRCA constitution and charge of bring the Association in to Disrepute has been levelled against you.”
I still do not know what this is about or how on earth I bring the Association into Distribute.
Next correspondence and quote:
“it was felt that your actions in recent times regarding posts on social media, emails and actions regarding the 1/10 off road web site were not in keeping with that of an officer of the Association”
So to clarify, in my eyes they didn’t like the internal emails where I am straight to the point with my views in making things better and somewhere, something was posted they didn’t like.  
I asked for specific examples and still don’t have them but got the following:
“As your suspension was not racing related your licence would be reinstated with the following conditions.” “The you serve a suspension of 5 years from serving on any committee within the BRCA”
So basically I have been blackmailed to be removed off the committee……all they should of done is asked! 

They have damaged themselves way more than any damage to myself.

The shame part of it all, I never claimed a penny for expenses unlike some with beautiful trips round the globe.  Always in my thoughts was how do we make the sport better and more entertaining. When I had a BIG sponsor for the sport and I am talking HUGE and interested in putting up 1/4 of a million pounds sponsorship, I was told we couldn’t handle more members.
What saddens me is the fact that inside I feel I have let the racing community down not a few power driven ‘boys’ at the BRCA.

See you at trackside ……