Tuesday Evening at Silverstone

Written by Tony. Posted in Race Reports

Well we certainly know the winter is here.
The last few weeks have been getting colder and colder.
Ahead of this Saturdays Silverstones Winter series i thought I would get some track time in, especially as i an trying an all new layout in my RB6

Round 1
As you can see the new layout was working all OK but age must be setting in.  Just too many errors – LOL. Looking forward to the rest of the evening….competition is certainly hot








Round 2
Well round 2 came and really i wanted to run the car the same again to make sure it was doing what i wanted.  No problems, the car performing, the fingers not though 🙂








Round 3
Round 3 starts off and Tom Cockerill is on for TQ.
Paul Upton announces that i was less than a second behind.  Now that would be good i thought!
We continue in the same vain and probably 2 minutes in till the thumbs didn’t do what the brain was telling them.
I suppose telling them to go round corners at some sort of flash speed was just too much.  Error after error but very easily done indoors on a high grip track.
We will have to settle in just making main A and go from there



Paul Upton
Here is Paul, doing his usual booking in tasks for Silverstone Buggy Club.
Paul has also recently started doing some nice shell painting.
Check it out when you get a chance – Puppy Paint 🙂


Final Result
The A final was actually a bit of a shambles for me – not sure what was going on at the sharper end of it all but I didn’t have a great time.
One thing that was very noticeable though was David Burton lap times.
Check out the top ten on the image
Dave pulls out 3 super laps so no doubt his drive home was very satisfying 🙂





Just in case there was any doubters out there – LOL